Rush Limbaugh Cites COMPROMISED List of “25 Top FBI & DOJ Officials Who Have Been Fired, Demoted or Resigned in Disgrace”


“… Now, what can you do. You’ve got what we think are obvious crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. And look at the number of people — I had the list the other day, and I didn’t keep it ’cause I think the moment had passed, but I had a list of all of the people in the FBI and the DOJ who have either been fired or forced to resign because of their actions in this one case, the Trump presidency and the entire effort to prevent his election and then to sabotage his presidency and his transition.

It’s [25] people that have been forced to quit! It’s [25] people who have been fired, [25], or more. And just that fact alone, when you look at the list of names, the people that have been fired or dismissed or reassigned or people who’ve resigned. This just doesn’t happen in competent organizations which are functioning well. And these people I don’t think would have been fired or would have resigned had it not been for Donald Trump winning and what that meant.

But a lot of things are being turned upside down in Washington. Taking the clearance away from an arrogant, braggadocio, unqualified guy like Brennan is something that should have happened long ago. In my estimation, somebody like Brennan should never have been cleared for a clearance, if you ask me. But he was.

You’ve got Clapper, you have a got Brennan and all these other people who are now using their clearance and they’re monetizing it to make TV appearances, to do what? To slander Donald Trump and to continue this program of theirs to eventually get him thrown out of office or defeated at the next election or what have you.”

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Peter Schweizer: Security Clearance ‘Affects’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s ‘Bottom Line in a Big Way’

Hannity Radio[1]


“Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), explained how former FBI Directors James Comey and Robert Mueller leveraged their government positions for self-enrichment. He joined his colleague Seamus Bruner, a GAI researcher, to discuss the latter’s forthcoming book, Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption, in a Friday interview with Sean Hannity.

Hannity opened the interview with questions: “How is it all of these politicians have become filthy rich? They’re supposed to be public servants. Where does the money come from? What are the conflicts of interest?”

Hannity drew from Bruner’s new book, “James Comey’s net worth has skyrocketed 4000 percent. By the time he left [the Department of Justice] in 2005 and came back in 2013, [James] Comey made 6.1 million dollars after [Robert] Mueller granted his employer, Lockheed Martin — the largest contractor in history — a billion-dollar boondoggle. Under Mueller’s direction, the FBI granted multiple spy contracts to Lockheed Martin while Comey was advising them on the legality of their operations. Comey also received another six million dollars working for one of the world’s largest hedge funds and an additional $500,000 for unused vacation time.”

“Mueller cashed in, as well,” continued Hannity. “In 2013, when Comey took over the FBI while Mueller left to start consulting at a consulting firm, he made more than 3.5 million in about year giving speeches and representing clients who had previously enriched his FBI director; clients like the world’s most profitable spy corporation.”

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Solomon: Top DOJ official discussed getting Steele back into FBI, Mueller probe

“Months after being dismissed from the FBI’s Russia probe for misconduct, British intelligence operative Christopher Steele discussed being reinstated with a senior official working for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, so Steele could assist special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Whenever convenient, I would like a chat, there’s a lot going on and we are frustrated with how long this re-engagement with the Bureau and Mueller is taking,” Steele texted Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr on Aug. 6, 2017. “Anything you could do to accelerate the process would be much appreciated.”

“Chris, good to hear from you,” Ohr texted back as he proposed times when the two could discuss the idea.

The exchange — one of several in which Steele proposed a return to the Russia probe — has captured the attention of investigators in Congress and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Some of them told me they are stunned that a top Rosenstein aide would even consider restoring Steele to the case, and with good reason.”

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