COMPROMISED and the Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play Model Now Under Investigation


Clinton Foundation ‘Pay to Play’ Model Under Investigation [Infographic]


Excerpt from COMPROMISED:

“The memorandum of understanding went on to detail a “set of protocols” to mitigate and indeed absolve Clinton of any conflicts, or even the appearance of conflicts. However, the MOU was simply a formality—a means to an end. Over time, Clinton repeatedly violated the spirit and terms of the agreement, primarily by concealing payments. The Clinton–Obama MOU should have been invalidated from the start. Two parties cannot agree to disregard laws like the conflict of interest and bribery statutes delineated in Title 18 of the U.S. criminal code. Signing such a document is unseemly at best and a political liability at worst.146 Furthermore, an MOU may not even be legally binding nor enforceable. This means that the Clinton–Obama MOU was basically a “gentleman’s” agreement—largely toothless.147

That may be the reason why President Obama never signed the document. Rather, Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, signed the document in her capacity as co-chair of the transition team—a private, tax-exempt entity, or 501(c) (4). Another co-chair of the transition team was none other than Clinton-fixer John Podesta. Inexplicably, the MOU not only continues to protect Clinton from conflict of interest and bribery allegations to this day, but it has also allowed the Clintons to collect untold billions of dollars in speech payments and donations to their foundation. The MOU is at the heart of the Uranium One scandal, as it was repeatedly violated due to the concealment of foreign donors like Uranium One’s chairman Ian Telfer and others implicated in the deal. The fact that concealed Clinton donations were only disclosed years later (and only after they were discovered independently) demonstrates the MOU was essentially toothless. This is especially true given the fact there are over 1,000 undisclosed Clinton-affiliated donors.