Rush Limbaugh Cites COMPROMISED List of “25 Top FBI & DOJ Officials Who Have Been Fired, Demoted or Resigned in Disgrace”


“… Now, what can you do. You’ve got what we think are obvious crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. And look at the number of people — I had the list the other day, and I didn’t keep it ’cause I think the moment had passed, but I had a list of all of the people in the FBI and the DOJ who have either been fired or forced to resign because of their actions in this one case, the Trump presidency and the entire effort to prevent his election and then to sabotage his presidency and his transition.

It’s [25] people that have been forced to quit! It’s [25] people who have been fired, [25], or more. And just that fact alone, when you look at the list of names, the people that have been fired or dismissed or reassigned or people who’ve resigned. This just doesn’t happen in competent organizations which are functioning well. And these people I don’t think would have been fired or would have resigned had it not been for Donald Trump winning and what that meant.

But a lot of things are being turned upside down in Washington. Taking the clearance away from an arrogant, braggadocio, unqualified guy like Brennan is something that should have happened long ago. In my estimation, somebody like Brennan should never have been cleared for a clearance, if you ask me. But he was.

You’ve got Clapper, you have a got Brennan and all these other people who are now using their clearance and they’re monetizing it to make TV appearances, to do what? To slander Donald Trump and to continue this program of theirs to eventually get him thrown out of office or defeated at the next election or what have you.”

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