#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author Gregg Jarrett Discusses COMPROMISED Bombshells

Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption exposes James Comey and Robert Mueller commercial ties on ‘The Next Revolution’ with Steve Hilton.

Gregg Jarrett, the author of ‘The Russia Hoax’ joins Steve Hilton on The Next Revolution and reacts to the Comey and Mueller bombshells.

Jarrett: “Comey stole government documents.. he then leaked them to the media to trigger a special counsel, who just happens to be his longtime friend, partner, and ally to investigate the guy who fired Comey. And Mueller in particular has three different disqualifying conflicts of interests. He has ignored them with impunity. And then he doubled down and assembled a team of partisans– Mueller has sabotaged the integrity and credibility of his own investigation. And Americans know it.”

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